Commercial & Industrial Caulking

As full-time caulking specialists, we continuously strive to develop and bring our customers superior products and performance. Johnson Caulking Inc. can provide the following caulking services: 

  • Pre-Cast Panels
  • E.I.F.S. Joints
  • Sidewalk Joints
  • Control Joints
  • Stair Stringers
  • Soffitts 
  • Casework

We can perform a variety of exterior commercial waterproofing services such as removing and replacing control joint caulking on a building or removing old failed gaskets and replacing with wet glaze caulking. We can also install breathable elastomeric coatings to a building's surfaces that will be aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as a durable barrier against the weathering elements. 

Commercial Waterproofing

Our commercial waterproofing services include a variety of professional waterproofing services, which our commercial clients expect from a professional waterproofing company. We are certified and skilled installers of waterproofing and air vapor barrier systems by:

  • Cetco 
  • Carlisle
  • Henry
  • Sonneborn
  • Grace

Johnson Caulking Inc. provides competitive pricing and superior workmanship that has helped our  commercial waterproofing business grow over the years to one of the most trusted commercial waterproofing companies of choice for some of the most prestigious clients in our region. 


Dampproofing is a protective measure applied to building foundation walls to prevent moisture from passing through the walls into interior spaces. A damp-proof course is a horizontal barrier in a wall designed to prevent moisture rising through the structure by capillary action - a phenomenon known as rising damp. A damp-proof membrane performs a similar function for a solid floor. 

Air & Vapor Barrier Systems

Johnson Caulking Inc. offers a complete line of waterproofing and air barrier services for the architectural, general construction, industrial and maintenance industries. We are certified and skilled installers of waterproofing and air and vapor barrier systems by:

  • Carlisle 
  • Henry
  • BASF
  • GCP
  • Dow